Q: How do I properly dispose of empty cylinders?

A: Fully exhaust, use a brass punch to knock out pressure relief disc, then dispose or recycle accordingly to local, state and federal codes.

Q: Does Choice Adhesives offer a product that will not melt or cavitate EPS foam?

A: Yes, we have an aerosol product , CBA 123, specifically designed to bond EPS foam.

Q: What is the difference between “dry time” and open time”?

A: When referring to contact cements, dry time is the amount of time for the solvent to flash off from the adhesive leaving a dry film behind that will not transfer to your knuckle when touched. Open time is the amount of time you have to put two dry contact cement films together before they lose their contact ability to fuse together with pressure.

Q: Is there a local source for your product?

A: Please see our “Find a Distributor” page.

Q: What is the correct coverage for your adhesive?

A: Typical applications need 2.0-3.0 dry grams depending on adhesive, substrate and shop conditions. Please reference the product data sheet (PDS) for your product.